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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm not saying my wife pays me no attention, but Lisa asked me last night if I had any hair gel she could use. She'll be asking to borrow my curlers next.

As it happens, I've been working in Ouse Valley for the past two days, which is appropriate as I currently have mucus flowing through my philtrum. Frankly I'm on the verge of death. Although technically it's just a cold.

By the time I got back to Brighton this evening, I was ready to collapse into a heap on the floor, but fortunately Amelie was there to pick me up with some well-placed words of encouragement. She told me she'd been playing with a Year 5 girl at school today, so in an effort to show an interest, I asked her what the girl was like. She replied "Nice", so I added "As nice as me?"

Amelie thought for a moment, and said "Nicer". She always did exaggerate.


Phil's Mum said...

Too much time in the dampness of the valley when you should be on your mountaintop, by the sound of it. Perhaps you need to start your annual leave a few days early.