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Monday, September 01, 2014

Ah, the unmistakable sight of a long snout with mouth on end, and a slight hump on the top of the body just behind the eyes...

It can only be the Greater Pipefish, common to coastal waters in the UK, and fish tanks in Sussex. The description comes courtesy of Wikipedia, but it's pretty obvious from the photo.

That was Amelie earlier today at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings. It's home to reef sharks, stingrays and turtles, plus a deadly, venomous lionfish and a giant Pacific octopus. So my Dad took her photo with a pipefish. I presume the sticklebacks were busy.

We actually spent the weekend at my parents' house in St Leonards, risking the lives of small babies...

... and doing our best to hand over responsibility for our children. And having failed to do so to a level we found satisfying (which can only be total) we decided to come home without Amelie. She's still there, getting up close and personal with algae.

Lisa and I did manage to get out for a nice meal at Pizza Express on Saturday night, which was made all the nicer by the fact that I had £30 worth of Tesco vouchers. The final bill for our meal came to £11.20, so I argued that we should leave a tip of just over a quid, but Lisa insisted that it had to be 10% of our original bill, and forced me to hand over four pounds. That's the last time I take her out for her birthday.

Fortunately, however, our coffers will soon be replenished with the proceeds from my burgeoning career in showbusiness. You know what it's like: you're sitting at work on a Monday afternoon, quietly grading a few retinal images, when out of the blue, you're suddenly asked to pop down to the nearest coffee shop and take part in the filming of a major new motion picture. We've all been there. Well, I've been there. And it was slightly embarrassing.

I share my department with the Trust's video production unit, and they clearly know talent when they see it. They took one look at me this afternoon and thought "Yep, there's a man who can sit around and drink coffee at short notice". Within minutes I was whisked away to the nearest film set and told to drink a latte with an actress on camera, whilst laughing hysterically on cue. It was all slightly odd, and I had no idea what I was laughing at, but after three takes I managed to do it correctly, and am now all set to star in an NHS production about people who need help. It should be going viral within days. I just hope I can match the performance of my sister...


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