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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Christmas cards are still coming in thick and fast. Another two today, one of which seemed strangely familiar (I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before), while the other one said "On His Majesty's Service" on the envelope, and looked like a court summons.

In return I wrote a grand total of seven, count them, SEVEN cards yesterday afternoon, which is surprising as I've threatened to cut so many people off my Christmas card list in the past year (usually for suggesting that I'm either fat or old) that I really should be down to zero by now.

I also have a slight problem, as Lisa informed me last night that she can't stand people who begin their cards with the word "To". Naturally she told me this three hours after I'd written her card. It turns out she prefers the less formal "Dear", which personally I feel is more suited to a letter. Especially to someone called John. But hey, if she thinks I'm steaming open that envelope and getting out the Tipp-ex, she's got another thing coming. She should just be grateful I didn't put "Best Wishes" at the end. Although I would have done if she hadn't already told me how much she hates it. Honestly, I should just let her dictate my cards to me in future.

Anyhoo, it's just as well the Christmas cards are written, as I seem to have a busy week ahead of me. Tomorrow it's back down to Brighton, Thursday it's flat-hunting with my mother (who's visiting the south coast for the first time to see where I've been spending my life for the past year and a half) (I'm sure she'll be impressed) (unless she gets a parking ticket), Friday I'll be carrying Lisa's bags around the town centre on a Christmas shopping expedition, Friday night I'm stalking Ben Elton, Saturday I'm flat-hunting with my brother, and Sunday I'm doing seven hours of paperwork for Lisa's employers. Er, I mean I'm watching while Lisa does it. Obviously it wouldn't be ethical for me to do it for her.

And all of that coincides with the reality TV event of the year (well, this month) (apart from I'm a Celebrity) - Space Cadets. Which frankly it'll be a miracle if I find time to watch, let alone write about.

I think I need a holiday.

Which is handy because my sister's booking tickets to Mexico as we speak. Assuming she can work out where it is...