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Friday, December 02, 2005

The current topic up for discussion on today's Trisha show, as decribed by the caption at the bottom of the screen, is "Did my boyfriend have sex with a stranger at a bus stop?". It's a question I'm sure every woman has asked herself. After all, what else is there to do while you're waiting for a bus, but make sweet love with the rest of the queue?

Anyhoo, Lisa and I are currently considering whether to go and visit my Big Sis in America at the beginning of February. As of last night, Sis has attempted to persuade us by offering to get tickets to an ice hockey game. Which would be more appealing were it not for the fact that the last time she tried to book a sporting event we ended up with tickets to a home game a thousand miles away.

So she's offered to take us to Mexico instead (possibly working on the principle that the ice hockey game she tries to book in Dallas will end up being in another country). I'd quite like to go to Mexico. And what better guide could we have than my Big Sis, a woman who once attempted to drive there, couldn't find it, and used her inability to locate an entire country as the basis for her Big Brother audition tape four years ago. Needless to say they immediately invited her to an audition (you just have to meet someone like that), but sadly she was pipped at the post by a woman who thought chick peas contained chicken.

In the meantime I'm preparing for an adventure of an altogether more dangerous nature. I'm planning to drive to north Norfolk tomorrow. Which is probably enough to get you straight through to the Big Brother house. I've checked two different online driving resources, one of which says it'll take me two and three quarter hours to do the journey of 81 miles. Which speaks volumes for the quality of Norfolk's roads. Fortunately the other site disagrees. It claims it'll take me three hours. Which makes an average speed of 27mph. I could cycle it quicker than that. If I was young and fit. And I had a bike.

I think I'll hire a tractor and go cross country.