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Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas CarolI've had two Christmas cards today! I almost feel popular. The first is from Carol, who deserted her (scout) post long enough to send me this quality handmade effort. A little small, yes, but I'm willing to overlook that. The fact is it's purple, which is my favourite colour, and she probably spent longer making it than it took me to walk to the till in a Brighton card shop with my cheap multi-pack of festive cardboard, so I can't really complain. My cat's already been attracted by the shiny star and managed to knock it off the coffee table.

So thanks Car (I know you like being called that).

Car Park ChristmasThe second is this one. Not the most colourful of cards, it's true. It's actually a photo of a bunch of people standing around at night in a church car park looking at a man in a bedsheet, and it's been posted through my letterbox by St Mary's Church, in honour of the fact that I live in Shotley, and therefore might be persuaded to turn up on Christmas day and give them some money. And let's face it, they need money - they've splashed out a fortune on these cards.

Intriguingly however, with five days to go before the Trek to Bethlehem at Shotley Village Hall (tickets still available - book now), the photo above seems to be a shot from a similar, yet ever so slightly different event. The caption on the back of the card declares it to be a photo of...

Treck to Bethlehem
TRECK??? Is that an Old Testament word?

Still, if anyone else would like to order fine Christmas cards of this quality (and Carol won't take your order), here are the details you need:

Think ink. Forget spelling. Job done.