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Monday, April 17, 2006

Mmm... chocolate.Does anyone know the health implications of eating nothing but chocolate for four days? Oh, I tell a lie, we had fish & chips on Friday. That's alright then. Anyway, I'd just like to publicly thank Lisa for my Lindt Lindor Easter Egg. Despite sounding like a region of Middle Earth, Lindor is actually the food of the gods, and I could happily live on them for the rest of my life. Although I'd need seven boxes a week, as the one I received yesterday seems to be surprisingly empty already.

I'm also pleased to report that the Gordon Ramsay egg was very nice, and so nearly worth the exhorbitant sum of money I paid for it. And I'm sure my parents will be thrilled to hear that I ate the contents of the Quality Street egg they gave me in one go on Saturday night. But I needed some kind of consolation after getting five out of six horses placed in the Scoop6, and only missing out on a big win by the length of a hairy fetlock. I was not happy.

Anyhoo, since Wednesday evening Lisa and I have been back in Shotley Gate, where we've run the full gamut of experiences, from the Jeremy Kyle Show at 9:30am, all the way to the Trisha Goddard Show at 10:30. Basically we've just been watching TV in our pyjamas and eating chocolate. It's not what you'd call an adventure holiday. Although I did nearly fall over running to the kitchen for some more Mini Cheddars, so it hasn't been without its moments of excitement.

Talking of which, we're due to be meeting Crash n Donna tonight for pizza, pasta, and other things beginning with p, at Zizzi's in Ipswich. We've not been there before, but we spent a good hour drooling over the menu online last night, so we're fully prepared for the experience. We're supposed to be there in an hour. So I probably ought to get dressed...