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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Well I have to say, since returning home from Brighton late on Tuesday night, I've felt a whole lot better. My sore throat and headache are gone, my aches and pains have miraculously vanished, and I have a new positive outlook on life. I've realised that whining gets you nowhere, and things are never as bad as they seem.

Obviously that was an April Fool's joke. I still feel as rough as a badger's nether regions.

But I'm not so ill that I can't recognise when someone's playing a joke on me. I've already had Lisa claiming that she's gone into work this morning to do some overtime. Honestly, just how gullible does she think I am? She could at least try to come up with something half way believable.

I've also just seen a TV advert for a compilation album called 'Crunk Hits'. Crunk??? That has to be an April Fool. Or perhaps not. I think I'll ask for it for my birthday. It sounds phat.

Anyhoo, being April 1st, this is quite an exciting day, because according to the tenancy agreement on my new Brighton flat, today's the day I move in. Which is why I'm currently in Shotley Gate, tearing up that tenancy agreement into a thousand pieces and requesting a new one dated the first of May. I'm also looking forward to Lisa's two-week Easter holiday, deliberately timed to coincide perfectly with my settling-in period, and enabling her to help with the unpacking, and tour the charity shops of Brighton with me in search of a new sofa.

Naturally those plans have changed slightly. She's now joining me next Saturday for a fortnight in Shotley Gate, surrounded by cardboard boxes, empty bookcases, and very little furniture. It'll be like squatting. Which at this rate is what I'll have to do if I want to move to Brighton.