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Thursday, April 06, 2006

There are definite advantages to (a) having your own website, and (b) having your own Lisa. The pros of the former are obvious, but even the latter has unexpected plusses. Not least in the form of an e-mail I've just received from San Francisco (not the entire city, just one inhabitant of it).

For the past five years I've been an ardent admirer of Camilla Eriksson, a cartoonist and animator who lives in San Francisco (not that I want to give away who the e-mail was from), hence the fact that most pages on my website feature at least one cartoon by her. The woman's an illustrating god, and I'm not fit to sharpen her 2B pencils. Although obviously I'm only saying that because anyone who clicks on the above link will find that I stole the little swirly things on the left hand side of this blog from her website, and I could get into trouble.

Anyhoo, when I created my Lisa page just over a year ago, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to add numerous pictures of cows, spacemen, and cats with rolling pins. So needless to say I did. And what's more, I even credited them to Camilla, which is not like me at all.

But I'm glad I did, because 14 months on, I've had an e-mail from... (wait for it)... Camilla Eriksson herself (only the most perceptive could have seen that coming), who told me she'd been doing some "egosurfing" (that's a word I'll steal), found my Lisa page, showed it to her boyfriend, and the two of them liked it enough to give me a free subscription to her members area. Which obviously I'd never joined, due to being unwilling to pay $8.95 every six months.

So I'm head over heels. Not only is Camilla a very nice lady (she even sent her best wishes to Lisa. Although what it's got to do with her, I've no idea), but I now have access to an extra 5,911 animations. Which is enough to create a page about my next five hundred girlfriends. I'd better get cracking...