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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mmm... Zizzi.In a shocking twist of fate, Lisa and I were actually early for our dinner date at Zizzi's in Ipswich last night. By which I mean we were only six minutes late. But frankly that's the closest we've ever come to being on time, and Crash n Donna were visibly shaken. They clearly thought they'd get another hour's drinking in before we arrived, so we pretty much ruined their night.

By the way, the picture above is of Dr Joseph A. Zizzi of the Erie County Medical Center in New York. He doesn't actually have anything to do with Zizzi's Italian Restaurant, but it was the best I could do in thirty seconds on Google Image Search. And besides, the man's from New York, so I'm sure he's no stranger to pizza.

But anyhoo, Zizzi's turned out to be very nice. I had a spot on my nose which made me look like Rudolph after a heavy drinking session, but fortunately the management kept the lighting level down to one notch above darkness, so I don't think anyone noticed. Having admired Crash's shirt (and again been thankful for the lack of light), we selected our starters. Lisa went with the Raviolotti, which is Italian for a lot of ravioli, while the rest of us ordered garlic pizza bread, mainly because it was the only thing on the menu we could pronounce.

The meal underway, we took turns in climbing the spiral staircase and waving to each other for no discernable reason, although only one of us chose to do it in the style of Marco from Big Brother. And it wasn't me, Lisa or Donna. Come to think of it, Lisa didn't even wave. But she was the same when I said goodbye to her at Victoria Station two years ago. I don't think her arms work properly.

For the main course, Donna ordered a Calzone (which is Latin for Cornish Pasty), while the rest of us went with pasta. Crash demonstrated the correct way to order a Pappardelle di Pollo al Marsala, using a technique which involved a finger, a menu, and the words "I'll have that", then we all settled down to some quality conversation. It was an illuminating evening. Lisa and I learnt about the voluntary work Crash undertook at the age of 15 to help the older generation, and Donna quoted lines from Captain Corelli's Mandolin. After which they slated The Cheesecake Shop, and told us about a much-loved variety act called The Hat Man. So they clearly have no taste. On both counts.

But after a short discussion on psychics, deep fat fryers and home-made tiramisu, we turned to the subject of body art, and agreed to go back to their place to look at Crash's tattoos. Not that he has any, but that didn't stop him showing them to us over a cup of tea. I was actually quite impressed (with the tattoos and the tea), although I'm with Donna on this one - if I'm going to have a tattoo, I'll be getting it out of a vending machine and washing it off after a week.

Incidentally, it's my brother's 40th birthday today, so Happy Birthday Bruv! He's in Canada til the end of the week, which is good, because it means I still have four days to buy him a present. Though I may not give it to him until he buys me a flat. You can't say fairer than that.