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Saturday, April 08, 2006

The good news of the day is that I've managed to locate the original unedited version of the Suzuki Gran Vitara ad mentioned in Wednesday's post. You can view it in all its glory here. Interestingly, at first listen, it just sounds like a man's voice saying "I love you", but if you concentrate hard, say the F word over and over again in your head, and then replay the ad, it is just about possible to convince yourself that he's saying "I f***ing love you". So congratulations to the ASA on a job well done. I've never felt so corrupted.

Well not since yesterday afternoon when I caught a bit of the tennis on BBC2. It was Great Britain v Serbia & Montenegro in the Davis Cup, and unfortunately the match seemed to be sponsored by 'BNP Paribas', a leading European bank. Which would have been ok, were it not for the fact that every time the camera zoomed in on Greg Rusedski, he was standing in front of a huge banner saying 'BNP' and a crowd waving Union Jacks. It looked like a Nazi rally. I felt quite unsettled.

But that could also be because having successfully recovered from my two and a half week hellish flu-like death disease, I'm now coming down with a cold, courtesy of my mother, who visited me on Thursday, gave me a hug, told me how pleased she was that I was finally feeling better, and promptly passed on all her germs. So as of last night, I'm ill again. But still, those three days of good health I had this week were very nice.