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Monday, October 02, 2006

In the end I never did make it to the Brighton Breeze on Saturday. I felt like I'd taken part in the BBC's Election Night Special two years too early, and as a result was slightly disorientated and found it hard to motivate myself down to Madeira Drive in the afternoon. Even though it's only five minutes walk from my flat. So I missed out on seeing hundreds of air-cooled Volkswagens arriving from Epsom and taking part in a "Show and Shine Competition" (whatever that is).

But to get over my disappointment, I wandered down there yesterday lunchtime instead to see if anything was going on, and what should I find but The London to Brighton Land Rover Run. Honestly, is there anyone who's not driving down to Brighton these days? No wonder I can't park.

So I mingled for half an hour with beefy farming types and people who like to do the school run in a 4-wheel drive with bull-bars, before meeting a few Desert Rats who'd popped over from Iraq for the day. They'd creatively written 'Scudbusters' on the sides of their khaki-coloured Land Rovers, and drawn missiles with crosses through them for anyone who can't read. It was quite artistic.

But the main question I was left with was this:


If it takes this team 8.4 seconds to pull a giant Land Rover 20 yards...

Child Labour

... how long is it going to take this lot??

I think they're still out there now.