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Friday, October 20, 2006

Made in Hong KongWell I've moved away from Cordless Illuminated Tranquility Fountains, and on to something far less fatal, by expanding my collection of original artwork courtesy of the Age Concern shop. I'd like to say it's no oil painting, but in fact it is. The artist, as declared by both the signature on the front, and some writing in pencil on the back, is a certain Hin Kee Yong, who I'm sure is a major star in his native China, with exhibitions up and down the country, but due to communist restrictions hasn't made it on to Google. So I can't be sure. But I only paid £3.49 for it, which wouldn't get you much more than a pot of paint and a beret in China, so it's a definite bargain.

In other news, it turns out that unbeknownst to me, the photo I posted on Sunday featured more than one celebrity. The bus in the background (spookily referred to in the comments by a notorious drug-user) was parked outside the Concorde 2 music venue in Madeira Drive (5 minutes walk from my flat), and having passed it minutes earlier, Lisa and I had commented to each other that it looked like the kind of tour bus used by a major popstar. Which seemed a little incongruous, as Concorde 2 is more used to playing host to bands like the Scratch Perverts and The Long Blondes.

But having stolen Lisa's mother's copy of the Brighton Argus on Wednesday, I've learnt that sitting aboard the green bus in that photo was none other than James Dean Bradfield, lead singer of the Manic Street Preachers, who was playing a rare solo gig there on Sunday. Which is mildly amusing, as Lisa's a huge fan, and would have smashed the windscreen and scrambled aboard had she known.

My Flexible FriendNot that Lisa needs a major popstar of course, because let's face it, she's got me. And I've got a debit card. With a picture of her on it. I received word from my bank yesterday informing me that as a valued customer of some standing, I've been carefully selected to trial their new personalised debit card, featuring a photo of my choice. I naturally jumped at the chance. Until I found out that this generous offer involved me giving them £5 for the privelege. But hey, what's £5 when it means I can carry Lisa with me at all times. It's like having two flexible friends in one. And it reduces the likelihood of credit card fraud by making my card significantly less attractive to thieves.