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Friday, October 06, 2006

David Van Day!It's David Van Day, formerly of 80s chart-toppers Dollar, 90s chart-avoiders Bucks Fizz, and now taking the 21st century by storm, shopping at my local Asda! Hurrah! I'm not saying times are hard for Mr Van Day, but he was buying rather a lot of Smart Price Orange Squash, and frankly even I don't stoop that low. Although obviously I'm not beyond following him around a supermarket with a camera-phone, which I admit is slightly pitiful. To his credit though, he was very interested in those frozen peas.

Funnily enough, I have Lisa to thank for my latest celebrity encounter. If she hadn't had an allergic reaction to an injection at the doctor's yesterday, come up in hives all over her body, and insisted on standing in front of my TV half-naked and scratching like a gibbon, I wouldn't have gone out to Asda at 9:45pm last night to get her some medication.

And to be honest, I needed something to cheer me up when I got there and found that as of October 2nd, the Asda car park is now pay & display 24 hours a day. Which was especially galling as I didn't have any change with me. So an encounter with an 80s legend whose records my sister proudly purchased (her pocket money paid for that Smart Price Orange Squash), was just what I needed. It helped take my mind off Lisa's hideous skin condition too.

Anyhoo, the good news is that having shoved a tablet down Lisa's throat, and greased her up like a cross-channel swimmer, her skin's cleared up completely overnight, and she's back to the peachy-complexioned girl I know and love. Apart from the numerous grazes from all her scratching. She looks like she's been pulled through a bramble bush backwards.