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Friday, April 27, 2007

Hilary ReevesAs I write this, I'm watching the Trisha Goddard Show on Five. Obviously I'd never normally watch such rubbish (I'm usually glued to This Morning on ITV) but today is different, because I happen to know that Britain's ugliest man and part-time Gollum lookalike, Hilary Reeves (who even has an ugly name) is about to propose to his girlfriend live on air. When I say live, I mean of course that it was recorded a few weeks ago in the studio next to 'Saturday Kitchen', but don't let that stop you phoning in.

The reason I know all this (and lots more besides, not all of it relevant) is that Lisa works with him. It's part of our pre-nuptial agreement - I insist that she works exclusively with the hideously ugly, to reduce the chances of her straying. It seems to be working. Although I don't like the way she looks at John Merrick.

But far more ugly than the ugliest man in Britain, is the hideous plagiarism going on at the Brighton Argus. I've mentioned here before their practice of copying and pasting stuff from other papers, changing the byline, and merrily going to press. Well that time it was just extracts. Now they're stealing entire articles.

Here's their report on Hilary's marriage proposal, published on the Argus website at 12:36pm on Monday 9th April, and in the following day's paper. It's written by Lee Gibbs. You can tell that by the way it says "By Lee Gibbs". Not much room for doubt there.

So compare and contrast Lee's beautifully written piece with this article published the day before in the Sunday People. It's by Jon Kirk. Who seems to have been miraculously inspired (possibly by God) to write an identical report a full twenty-four hours before Lee sat down to copy & paste write his.

The new edition of The Kemptown Rag is out today, featuring my latest article on page 14. Well, I say it's my article. Give it a few days and it'll be in The Argus under a different name.