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Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'd just like to apologise for the moment of madness in yesterday's blog post when I somehow managed to refer to the Trisha Goddard show as "rubbish". It was cheap, petty, below the belt (I'm talking about my comment, not the show) and above all, completely untrue. Let's face it, I have a whole website dedicated to my love of thought-provoking television, so the last thing I want to do is give the impression that I'm not a fan. Trisha could knock Jeremy Kyle into a cocked hat (and I wish she would), and if it wasn't for the fact that I find myself strangely attracted to Fern Britton, I'd be watching her show on a daily basis. So I withdraw my remark unreservedly...

... mainly because Trisha sent the boys round within ninety minutes of me hitting 'Publish'.

My website stats show a visit at 12:30pm yesterday afternoon from Town House TV, Trisha's very own production company...

Town House TV
I drew that ring myself. You'd never believe I've had no formal training. The Italian artist Giotto could apparently paint a perfect circle freehand, but of course he didn't have to use a mouse clogged up with cat hairs.

Anyhoo, Trisha, who has herself battled clinical depression for many a year (and was no doubt suicidal by the time she read my blog post) went from here to my Bio, before heading straight for my Depression Page...

The Great Depression
... though I'm not sure the zero seconds she spent there were really enough to fully appreciate my struggle.

But anyhoo, when I'm not being visited by daytime TV hosts, I'm driving up to Chelmsford to spend the weekend with my parents. It's probably not a good idea to announce that you're away from home two days after giving out directions to your flat, but I'm assuming that all the people traipsing up and down the stairs for the Open Day will be keeping a lookout for burglars.

And if all else fails, I happen to know there's a band of superheroes in the neighbourhood today. One of Lisa's friends is taking part in the Superheroes 10k Challenge, which involves running six miles along the seafront dressed as a superhero, all the name of charity. With a century of comic book fiction from which to choose a suitable hero, Lisa's friend (after careful consideration) plumped for Spotty, the hapless sidekick of SuperTed. Those burglars don't stand a chance.