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Monday, April 23, 2007

Carry On CabbyLast week it was coaches; this week the pointless vehicle-related bore-a-thon taking place down at Madeira Drive on a Sunday morning was the Brighton & Hove Taxi Driver of the Year 2007. I'm not saying it was dull, but when I walked past at midday the crowd-control barriers were keeping back an audience of precisely zero, and the compere was broadcasting a live interview over the tannoy with a cabbie who'd been driving for 18 years and had nothing to say about it. I think I preferred the coaches.

But far more exciting than a beach full of Travis Bickles is the news that I've bought a new guitar! And I didn't even need one! Hurrah! I was suffering from a serious illness (of the mental variety) over the weekend, so on Saturday I decided to self-medicate by visiting Ebay and bidding on some rubbish. I was looking at the guitars of a German company called Bell & Head (which I'm sure means something quite profound in German) who specialise in unusual designs by their deer friend Cassandra Elk.

They've only recently started selling to the UK, and I'm not sure if they had some kind of problem converting Euros to Pounds, but I noticed that whilst all their guitars have a starting bid of at least £99, one had slipped through the net with no reserve whatsoever.

Bloody Nightmare The guitar in question is a 'Bloody Nightmare', so called because of the difficulties Cassandra had with its design (no, really), and is sold on the Bell & Head website for €259. Having intimidated the opposition on Ebay with my confident bidding, I got it for £46. Complete with a carry-case which they sell for £16.95. Meaning I got a brand new guitar for about thirty quid.

I was slightly worried that Herr Bell might need his Head examined for selling one of their guitars at a loss, and would therefore try to pull out of the sale, but the good news is I've had an e-mail this morning which reads:

thanks for payment.
We send out kgitar this week.
regards Jörg

You'd never know he's not English. So that's all marvellous. I feel better already. The only drawback is that they describe the guitar's colour as "pale black", which I'm sure doesn't exist. Maybe they put it through the washing machine.


Phil said...

Dave This sounds like part of the grey economy.

Whatever that means. It was the only pun I could think of, involving pale black and e-bay.

23 April 2007, 12:25:05Phil
I appreciate the effort.23 April 2007, 12:39:41The BS6 Religious Committee
Interesting styling. You'll be going to Amon Amarth gigs next. A write up of those would enliven the Kemptown Rag. Guess we shouldn't be too surprised, shaving your cat was something of a clue to a darkside.23 April 2007, 13:27:31 Phil
Oh yes, I rock. And I'm down with the kids. I'm also quite phat, but I don't like to talk about that.24 April 2007, 10:45:56