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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Back on 24th July this year, when Amelie had chickenpox and I'd just written my 2,000th blog post, I bought two tickets for me and Lisa to go and see the 'Lloyd Cole Small Ensemble', who were due to cause a commotion at the Brighton Komedia on 1st November.

That was Monday just gone. You're probably wondering why I didn't mention it. It's because I forgot. Not to mention it - to go.

I was sitting here at 11pm last night, wondering if Lisa was going to make it home from a hen night in Worthing without being mugged for her tiara, and I was idly playing my guitar for the first time since we got married. It seemed like a good way of avoiding writing my novel. Anyway, I was trying to decide which was hampering me more - my arthritic fingers or my wedding ring - and I was reminded of the way Lloyd Cole's acoustic guitar kept banging against his belt buckle the last time we saw him play live.

At which point I had a sudden realisation of horror. A quick look at the envelope marked 'Tickets' in my Box of Important Things, and the worst was confirmed. We'd missed the gig by five days. That's what happens when you buy concert tickets three months in advance and a week before you move house. I think we'd already packed the calendar.

Needless to say, we're both gutted. Lisa's missed the chance to see one of her musical heroes, and I've lost forty-two quid. It's a double tragedy. Particularly for me.


Dave said...

There is an amazing coincidence in this post, which you will discover later this week - probably around Thursday.  Assuming you've got time between work and novel-writing to read my blog.

Dave said...

For a fiver a time you can tell me of events you've bought tickets for.  I'll put it in my diary, and send you a remonder a couple of days beforehand.  That would save you £37 a time.

Phil's Mum said...

Or he could ask me to baby-sit, Dave.  Then I'd have it on MY calendar, which is much more reliable.

Beckie said...

I'm gutted for you. We saw him at the Union Chapel and he was just brilliant. A vision in brown cord.

Phil said...

Actually, this is all your fault, Beckie. If you hadn't told us he was playing in Brighton, I wouldn't have bought the tickets.  :-P

Beckie said...

I was hoping you had forgotten that. Sorry.