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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Right, I need to stop faffing about and get on with it. I'm letting life get in the way of my novel, and it's just not good enough. The faffing and the novel. For a start I need to stop taking photos like this when I should be writing...

There's an app for that.
That's Big Sis teaching Amelie to use an iPhone instead of reading her a bedtime story.

Anyone who's been following Big Sis's march across Europe, will be under the impression that she's been yodelling in Salzburg since September, so the sight of her on my sofa in Brighton might come as something of a surprise. In reality, she got home weeks ago. She just can't be bothered to write about it.

Which brings me neatly back to my novel. I need to pull my finger out. Out of the many pies into which I have fingers inserted. Lisa's Mum had tear duct surgery at the Sussex Eye Hospital on Wednesday, so naturally I couldn't resist going round her flat to see her looking like a pirate. Lisa then stayed the night there in case her mother sneezed and bled to death, which meant that I barely slept on Wednesday night. Not because I was worried about the mother-in-law, but because I missed my newly-wed wife, and can't drop off without her knee in my back.

Thursday I felt like death warmed up, and still had to go shopping at Asda, and then on Friday Big Sis turned up to play with my iPad. If I hadn't taken my laptop to work, and spent my lunch break tapping away in a health centre, I'd barely have written a thing for three days.

So there's my list of excuses. The rot stops here. If I haven't doubled my word count by the end of the weekend, you have permission to shoot me.

Quiet! Genius at Work.
Oh, and I'm taking Lisa to Worthing today. Just thought I'd get that excuse in early.


Dave said...

Are you writing a novel?