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Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's day 13 of NaNoWriMo, and it's definitely unlucky for some. If I'm going to be standing here with a 50,000 word novel on December 1st, then I should have written 21,667 words by the end of today. I'm currently on 16,547. Frankly it's not going to happen. I already feel like stopping for lunch, and it's only 11am.

There is one thought which has been entering my head repeatedly over the past week though, and it's this:

What the bloody hell was I playing at in 2004?

Six years ago, I had no job, no daughter, and a girlfriend who lived 130 miles away. I only had to rub her feet at weekends. The rest of the time was my own. I had literally nothing better to do, and I still barely scraped home with 50,000 words on day thirty.

This time I'm getting up at 6:30am, driving through floods, seeing patients all day, writing in my lunch breaks, and trying to think of plot lines whilst looking for a plastic giraffe and drawing cows with crayons for Amelie. And I'm only a few thousand words behind. I'm baffled as to why 2004 was so challenging. As I said in August "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it". I'll probably fail, but I'll give it a damn good go.

In other news, I've had a few words of encouragement from Russia this week. I received this e-mail via my website:

My best wishes to you!
I am Marina 21y.o
I am looking for man to have a strong family.
And you?
I am on-line now, let's chat?
My profile and new photos are here:

I'm not sure I like the way she says "And you?", as though I might be looking for a man too, but I do like the fact that there's a website called 'Boob Dating'. They've clearly had a long hard look at things like personality, compatibility and prospects, and then stripped it all back to what's important in life. Lisa's going out at 5pm. I'll let you know what it's like.


Dave said...

Just remember the story of the Russian lady who wanted to have children with me.  I'd hate to find you've had to kill yourself.

Phil's Mum said...

You'll never finish your novel if you get mixed up with someone in Russia.  Remember 2004 and the weekend journeys from Suffolk to Brighton and back.  It was all that driving that made the writing hard work!

Anonymous said...

So Phil, I turn away from my injured computer for a few weeks and when it finally restores my internet favourites I find you've started a novel and had an instant marriage!  And even strummed your guitar again. 

You've inspired me.  Your 2004 to 2010 progress means I am now looking for a new girlfriend, a baby/strong family, a job with a lot of driving and a skill at drawing cows.   I'm rushing to that site even now, finding that "All profiles of girls who are registering here, we check manually!" and I neednt worry about scammers.  Right.

Anyway, big congratulations to you and Lisa.  I went to the pound shop today so expect a stylish wedding gift in the indeterminate future!