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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The thing about patients in the National Health Service is that sometimes they want the shirt off your back. Take the lady I saw yesterday. I only made her wait for about ten minutes, but she spent that entire time sitting outside my consulting room, telling her husband how much she liked my shirt, wondering where I'd got it, and telling him he should get one too.

When I called her back in, she asked me if I'd bought it from Gresham Blake. I told her I'd never met him. She informed me that it's a shop in Brighton which sells "shirts to die for". I duly looked them up on the internet, and she's not wrong...

Dead GorgeousI'd certainly die if I had to wear that. It's a 'Bond Girls' shirt, which is currently going for £95 on the Gresham Blake website.

Anyway, I told her mine was from Next. I didn't tell her I'd got it in a charity shop. She then informed me that someone with my good taste in clothes should be shopping at Gresham Blake, and proceeded to give me full directions on how to find it. I was beginning to wonder if she had shares in the company. Her directions started at the Theatre Royal, so she obviously recognised that I'm a bit of a culture vulture too. I didn't tell her we've got tickets for Sally Morgan in January.

Anyhoo, having given me the kind of detailed instructions that would make a sat-nav jealous, she added "Their shirts cost about a hundred pounds each, but if you go in the sales, you can get three for seventy-five". I decided not to tell her that my entire wardrobe cost less than that. She might have realised I'm not a doctor.


Phil's Mum said...

Well, your Charity Shop shirt must have been an impressive one!

Dave said...

I believe Gok Wan is a patient today.

Lisa said...

Gok Wan would have to be patient if he was going to tackle Phil's wardrobe.

:-D  Laughing and probably out loud.