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Friday, November 19, 2010

NaNoWriMo Excuse #327:

I'm ill.

And it's not just me...

Flaked Out
Chloe's looking a bit peaky too.

And as for Amelie, don't even go there. If she's not flaked out on the bed, she's crying in your arms, leaving snot on your shirt and refusing to do anything. It's like having a mini version of Lisa.

But the worst thing is, she's given it to me. We've both spent the day feeling sick and congested with a splitting headache, but while she's stayed at home sipping Calpol, I've been forced to go into work. For a couple of hours. And eat chocolates. To be honest, it could have been worse. If you fancy joining me, click here. Apply now and you can cover for me on Monday.


Phil said...

;)   That's the smiley face that goes after the line about Lisa.

Phil said...

Mainly so she doesn't hit me. :-D

Phil's Mum said...

Oh dear!  I hope you're preserving Lisa and making sure she's well enough to look after you all.

Phil said...

Never mind looking after us all, she should be applying for that job. :-D

Dave said...

That's what come of bringing po home.