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Saturday, November 03, 2012

It's amazing how much I can get done when Amelie's asleep on the sofa...

Particularly when that sofa's thirty miles away at my parents' house. She's been at my Mum & Dad's all day today, which has resulted in a highly productive Saturday for yours truly. And a nightmare weekend for my Mum.

Having whipped up a quick casserole for the slow cooker this morning, I spent the afternoon on the armchair in Amelie's bedroom, writing a 1200-word opinion piece about the creeping privatisation of the NHS. No, really. It's a shame I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year as I'd be close to my daily target. That article is currently residing on another, slightly duller, website. I offered Lisa the chance to read it, but having considered the offer, she decided to do the ironing instead. Let's face it, some people just love ironing. Unfortunately Lisa hates it.

Toby did show an interest though. He was on Amelie's ladybird pillow at my feet during most of the creative process, so I should probably mention him in the credits.

As for Lisa, she took the opportunity to do some gourmet cooking today. It was her AA anniversary on Thursday, meaning she's now been sober for more years than I care to remember (mainly because I've forgotten), so I presented her with a card and a copy of Jamie Oliver's '15 Minute Meals'. She thought it was a heartfelt gift, but in reality I was just testing her resolve with a recipe for chicken in white wine.

So while my beef casserole was simmering all afternoon, Lisa knocked up a quick Rosemary Chicken. It was supposed to be served with grilled polenta and asparagus, but Lisa chose to omit those. I think the pressure of time got to her, and she realised she couldn't spare 15 minutes to make the whole thing. By leaving out two ingredients, she should have been done and dusted in twelve.

Anyhoo, having tasted the results hot off the pan an hour later, I think the effort was worth it. Although it took me another half hour to do the washing up. And then pick all the bits of rosemary off the floor. But fortunately I had the time. That's the beauty of free 24-hour childcare. I can cook, write, clean, tidy, hoover, change all the bedding and put on the washing. And I still have time for my blog. It's a shame she's coming home in the morning.


Phil's Mum said...

Wait till you have a baby to look after - oh, you have!

A Passer-By said...

Glad to hear that Lisa is obviously feeling better - or feeling obliged to cook having been given a recipe book!!