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Thursday, November 08, 2012

With only forty-seven days left until Christmas, rehearsals are stepping up a gear...

If you're sensing a certain tension between star and director, it was because I'd just refused Amelie's request to walk her to Lidl in the dark for a second night running. There's only so much Stollen one man can buy, and I'd had a long day at work, so having done it once yesterday, I said a flat no. Which was clearly the height of unreasonableness, and gave her carte blanche to burst into tears and start screaming. It was only our mutual love of good music that brought us back together.

On the bright side, we've now got a date for the concert, and have been informed by the nursery that Amelie's the loudest singer they've got. Having seen her audition, they've cancelled the plan to do 'Silent Night', and are going with 'Shout' instead.


Doting Grandma said...

I'm sure she IS the loudest.  The trouble is she's probably also the tallest, so will have to stand at the back and won't be able to lead the others in the actions (which she is ALSO) very good at)

Phil said...

If there's one thing this Christmas concert has taught me, it's that there are only about three tunes in existence, and you just have to fit the words to one of them.