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Monday, November 12, 2012

The good news of the day is that this incident was nothing to do with me. Or indeed any of my colleagues. Except in a wider sense. It's obviously a sad state of affairs, and something which shouldn't have happened, but fortunately Mrs D sounds quite tenacious*, so I'm sure she'll bounce back.

As of today, however, the best site for sore eyes is undoubtedly the Envision University website, which has just published the latest issue of their ophthalmology journal, 'Visibility'. Back in April they invited me to cobble together a few words for the fourth quarter issue, and having considered their offer for a couple of weeks, I decided to accept - quickly, before they realised they'd e-mailed the wrong person.

Having looked up some long words in the dictionary, I spent May writing the article, and June trying to understand the 'AMA Manual of Style' for my list of reference citations. In August it went through Envision's rigorous editing process, which basically consisted of changing every 'centre' to 'center', 'programme' to 'program' and swapping the odd 's' for a 'z', then in September they made it look pretty with some nice bits of graphic design. The final proof was sent to me in October, and today the completed issue has been published online. If you want to say 'Hi Visibility!', you can download the PDF by clicking here.

My article begins on page 9, and anyone who makes it to page 13 gets a prize. I'm also listed on page 2...

... where I stick out like a sore thumb amongst some learned men (and women) of letters. With hindsight, I wish I'd mentioned my BSc. I can't boast a good degree from a top university, but I graduated from primary school with a bronze swimming certificate.

* It's a miracle I'm not charging for these jokes.


Phil's Mum said...

I agree with Lisa!  I think you expect too much of your readers!!!

Jp Cheshire said...

Mrs D sounds quite tetanus?