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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Day three, and a final day profit of £10. I really should turn professional. With earnings like this, I could be living on the beach in St Tropez. Or possibly Felixstowe. And all this despite the aptly named Trouble at Bay, who, having been my best buddy all year, winning his last five races in a row, chose today to let me down big time in the first.

Still, confidently resisting the temptation to back Baracouda, I chose to buy money instead when I found you could get odds of 1-3 on Best Mate placing in the first three. You have to wonder who these people are. Best Mate could stop for a cup of tea halfway round and still get third. It was money for sale. I must have been the only punter in Britain not panicking all the way up the home straight.

Making my way back via St Pirran, and a bit of Impek to place, it wasn't a bad week really. Much more of this, and I'll be able to buy an alpaca.