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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Okay kids, IT'S FINISHED!! Hurrah! I'd like to thank you all for your unrelenting support during the entire quiz-making process. I set myself a tough schedule, and progress was difficult at the best of times, but throughout these past two painful weeks of stress, I was helped enormously by people saying "for god's sake, haven't you finished it yet?". So thanks for that.

I feel the result is possibly my greatest achievement to date. It's all very well to write plays tackling subjects like the diminishing effect of the news media and its relation to the meaning of life, but it's not until you've produced a couple of questions about fat pot-holers and aardvark poison, that you can really consider yourself a serious writer. I feel this could be a turning point in my career.

So to view the fruits of my considerable labour, CLICK HERE. Or alternatively, visit my shiny new Quizzes page here. It's a triumph. No, reallly, it is.