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Saturday, October 29, 2005

I've just been looking at the website of...
Bingo Bango Software... (it's a catchy name), whose software product 'Elicit' (a bargain at only $59)allows you to schedule the automatic publication of blog entries for when you're not there. Which sounds quite interesting. However, I was more interested by this revealing statement on their website:

"Successful bloggers know that you have to publish frequently to get the attention of your readers and the ever important search engines. And many bloggers know that you have to have more than one site if you want to make money. 3 entries per day per blog is a lot of entries if you have 10 or more blogs."

So THAT'S why I'm not a successful blogger. I'm not writing three entries a day on ten different blogs. I really should make more of an effort.

But in the meantime, I've managed to pinpoint my basic needs in life, courtesy of Internet Wombat, and a pointless but entertaining game which is currently doing the rounds on various blogs. The idea is to enter the phrase "[your name] needs" into Google, and then list the results. Some blogs say you should list only the top ten, others that you should underline the ones which are true. Me, I'm listing the top twenty (see numbers 7, 14 and 18), and frankly they're all true. It's almost as if Google knows me personally...

1. Phil needs a dose of his own medicine.
2. Phil needs a blog.
3. Phil needs a new act.
4. Phil needs Jesus.
5. Phil needs your help today to fight the Schwarzenegger fundraising machine.
6. Phil needs more assistance.
7. Phil needs to get a life.
8. Phil needs his beauty sleep.
9. Phil needs a swift kick in the arse.
10. Phil needs to be born again.
11. Phil needs new life in Jesus Christ.
12. Phil needs a wake up call.
13. Phil needs someone like you.
14. Phil needs to feel superior.
15. Phil needs to get real.
16. Phil needs to realize that the main reason we suck is because we’re saddled with a roster of undesirable players with huge contracts.
17. Phil needs to be arrested.
18. Phil needs more attention than a "normal" boy.
19. Phil needs to read his own biography.

... and my personal favourite...

20. Phil needs to unleash the beast and let those hands fly.

I've no idea what that means, but I plan to put it into practice immediately.