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Friday, October 07, 2005

Well it's been a mini adventure, but our third stint of cat-sitting is nearly at an end. Lorraine arrives back from her two week tour of Europe's coastlines tomorrow lunchtime, so it's almost time for us to bid farewell to Timmy, Oscar, and the wild-eyed Charlie. I feel like linking paws and singing Auld Langsyne.

To be honest, apart from generally fighting like cat, cat and cat, and eating so much food that I've had to go and buy more from Sainsburys, they've actually been quite well behaved the last couple of days. Although Timmy did find he could launch a surprise attack on me through the bannisters as I walked up the stairs, which wasn't good news. Oh, and Oscar drank from my glass of water while I was eating my lunch yesterday. And Charlie snuck in through the cat-flap this morning and ate Oscar's food. Actually, now I come to think about it, they haven't been very well behaved at all. But no matter - we're leaving tomorrow, and we're not coming back.

It's not just the cats that I can't trust either. I took a phone call last night from an elderly lady who claimed she was Lorraine's neighbour, and said she wanted to complain about the young woman staying here with her boyfriend. It turned out to be one of Lisa's friends putting on a silly voice. She only had me fooled for a minute though. I smelt a rat the moment she described Lisa as young.

But anyhoo, we return to Lisa's flat in the morning. It feels like we've never been away. Which is not surprising - we've been back three times in the past week.