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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

No time to blog today (which is why I'm here blogging) - Lisa has the week off work to concentrate on cat-rearing and Coronation Street, so we're taking her mother to Eastbourne for the day. It's a selfless act of kindness towards the older generation, and one which went down particularly well when Lisa extended the invitation on Saturday night. I believe the conversation went along these lines:

Lisa: Would you like to come to Eastbourne with us on Tuesday?

Lisa's Mum: No thank you.

Lisa: Shut up, you're coming. [slams phone down]

Personally I'm only going to recover some gambling debts - Lisa's mother owes me £9 in failed horse racing bets I've placed for her in the past week, and I want the money before we take her to the dog track tomorrow. She might not be in a position to pay by the end of Wednesday.

Oh, and in cat news, we went to bed last night leaving the video running to record a documentary on Channel 4 about people who can't achieve orgasm without committing an armed robbery first (no, seriously), and I came downstairs this morning to find that overnight SOMEBODY had changed the cable channel to Sky Movies. I'm not pointing any fingers, but frankly it was Timmy. I know it. If he's not attacking (sorry, nesting with) toilet rolls, he's trying to watch Racing Stripes on cable.