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Monday, October 24, 2005

I've just returned from "the best pub in Brighton" (which on top of not stocking Bacardi, orange juice, ice cubes, or barmaids who aren't on drugs, now seems to have a leaky roof), where I met Lisa for a lunchtime drink. We'd clearly arrived at the wrong time though, because according to their new sign, if we'd been there just a few hours later, we'd have experienced "HolySoul JellyRoll (with a sideorder of funk), with DJ Pyrate & Neil-By-Mouth". You have to admire anyone who calls himself Neil-By-Mouth. He'd get on well with Betty Swollocks.

Tuesday night, on the other hand, is merely "Indie Night with DJs Dave & Tony". Something tells me Dave & Tony could learn a thing or two about marketing from Neil and the Pyrate.

Anyhoo, having been dripped on for half an hour in The St James, I returned Lisa to work and made my way to the nearest charity shop, where I bought a very fetching Next top for £2.50. The old dear on the till gave me the equally stylish carrier bag on the right in which to transport it back to Lisa's. Which I did, proudly swinging it through the air as I went, in a kind of "I've-got-a-Next-top-for-£2.50-so-ner" type way.

Having made it home, curiosity got the better of me however, and I thought I'd look up CloneZone on the internet, to see what kind of quality products they sell.

It's good news.

I've just walked a mile and a half through some of Brighton's rougher neighbourhoods with a bag from a gay sex shop.