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Monday, October 31, 2005

It's Halloween! Woooooooooooooo... Are you scared yet?

I don't really do Halloween. There's something about kids wearing masks and knocking on the door demanding money with menaces that doesn't seem particularly fun to me. But in the spirit of late October, I did find myself on the phone to Lisa last night, trying to open a tin of corned beef with one hand whilst explaining the plot of Cannibal Holocaust. Just a little insight into my life there. Unfortunately I couldn't remember the second half of the title, but having mumbled "Cannibal Something" about half a dozen times, Lisa kindly leapt to my aid and suggested 'Cannibal Run'. Which is possibly the wittiest thing she's ever said. I wouldn't mind seeing Burt Reynolds eat Roger Moore. He looks a bit tough and leathery, but he'd probably taste like beef jerky.

Anyhoo, I've just had my first ever piece of international junk mail, and I have to say, those Americans do it so much better than we do. This is ingenious with a capital 'inge'. I've received a letter in today's post from...

... who have kindly written to me all the way from New York with a serious looking document entitled 'Domain Name Expiration Notice'. It says this (and if you haven't eaten enough carrot cake, you may have to click to enlarge it)...

The important word there is "switch". I'm not actually with the Domain Registry of America. They are in fact a rival company, who have gone to all the trouble of looking up the registration details for my Telly Critic site, and sending me a letter which looks like a bill for renewal, complete with handy payment form at the bottom, and the words "You must renew your domain name to retain exclusive rights to it on the Web".

Which is true of course. I just don't have to do it with them. You have to say that's quite enterprising though. And if I didn't know my domain name was set to be renewed automatically, I'd be writing them a cheque as we speak.


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