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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I've just received my weekly e-mail from the Advertising Standards Authority, updating me on the latest adjudications. It's the price I pay for having made what I thought was a frivolous complaint a few months ago. I'm now on their list of busybodies. But on the plus side, they do provide me with proof every Wednesday morning that my complaint was actually pretty serious compared with most of those they receive. The highlight of this week's selection is this one...

"A TV ad for Innocent smoothies showed a drinks carton with a pile of fruit beside it. One by one the pieces of fruit disappeared. The voiceover said "We squeeze all of this fruit into each of our big cartons"...

Two viewers complained that it was not possible to squeeze the amount of fruit shown in the ad into one carton."

Fortunately the ASA have investigated, and apparently it is possible. But you have to liquidise it first. I don't think the viewers had thought of that.

Anyhoo, I'm off back down to Brighton today. Lisa and I are planning a day out in Folkestone tomorrow. Well I say a day out - knowing what we're like for leaving on time, it'll be an evening out. But it's quite exciting nonetheless. I hear Folkestone rocks on a Thursday.

I'm also going to try and avoid making the same mistake I made when leaving my flat last time. I returned from two weeks of cat-sitting to find that I'd left a glass of water by the side of my bed. It had gone stagnant, and there were things living in it. It was like having Sea Monkeys again. It also reminded me of my old friend Shelley, who, when we were 14, grew some mould on a piece of toast under her bed, claimed it as a pet, and called it Dominic.

Which just goes to show the dangers of not allowing your children to keep animals. Certain people take note.