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Friday, February 03, 2006

Right, I'm off to America. In the words of Lisa the other day, "We have tickets for Texas!". Of course, she was referring to a concert at the Brighton Centre in May, but the sentiment remains the same. We're leaving 15 hours apart because, well frankly I live further from the airport. My trip includes a one-night stopover in Chelmsford for refuelling (mostly trifle and J2O's), before the final leg of the journey via Gatwick tomorrow morning. So I need to get a move on.

It's the wrong time to be leaving though, because as I speak there's a giant Dutch removal van parked outside, and a young couple (possibly clog makers, Edam sellers, porn stars, or any other predictable stereotype I can think of) are moving in to one of the neighbouring flats. They obviously heard I was moving out, and knew property prices were bound to shoot up.

I can't say I like their hideous aubergine curtains (though I'm sure they go well with the scarlet sofa), but I do like the way my nosey neighbour in number 3 has been out there for a good half hour pretending to check the oil in his car, just so he can get a good look at them. He should be more like me, and simply pull a chair up to the window.

But on the bright side, the husband has an even bigger guitar amplifier than I do. On the downside, he has a goatee. Which he insists on stroking all the time. Frankly he looks like a Bond villain.

I should stop now, in case thay have internet access.

Right, I'd better be off. But before I go, breaking news of the unexpected kind: Blogger's 'Blogs of Note' is finally featuring a blog worth visiting. I know, I couldn't believe it either. Well it made me laugh anyway.