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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So there I was, cast adrift with a few hundred Americans, and sleeping on two rock-hard camp-beds pushed together, in a permanently vibrating room with no natural light and only warm water to drink. But it wasn't all bad. We still had breakfast to look forward to. Personally I was keen to avoid the main dining room at all costs, and eat in the self service restaurant at the other end of the ship, but Big Sis assured us there was no need. Apparently breakfast was entirely different to dinner, and guests could sit wherever they wanted, alone, and free from unwanted table companions who say 'awesome' a lot.

Naturally we believed her. Which was our first mistake. Turning up for breakfast on the first morning, Lisa and I specifically requested a table for two. And were promptly led to a table for ten, where an entirely different set of Americans were keen to discuss their sea sickness with us. Not ones to offend people unnecessarily, we immediately asked to be moved to a table on our own - an outrageous request (clearly) which sent the waitress into a fit of panic. Having led us up and down the dining room for two minutes, she eventually had to go to her superior for special permission to seat us at a table built for four. Where we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast being constantly hassled by three different waiters every 30 seconds.

But hey, there was still the free frozen yoghurt. I headed straight for deck nine, found the frozen yoghurt machine didn't open til 11am, and instead crossed the deck to the tea & coffee machine, where I tried to relax while the ship photographer attempted to sell me photos of myself drinking tea.

Naturally I soon developed a headache, but managed to attend the afternoon's bingo session with Big Sis and S, who'd paid $50 for six bingo cards, only to find it was all over within half an hour, and they hadn't come within 3 numbers of a win.

A quick game of Video Blackjack later, and Lisa and I attempted to block out the reality of the situation by falling asleep in the Solarium. Some free pizza lifted our spirits, after which we headed to the Windjammer Cafe for dinner, in preference to the horrors of the King & I Dining Room. It was actually very good. So by 10pm our spirits were high. Having informed Sis that we planned to avoid our dining companions for the rest of the cruise, and wouldn't be seen within half a mile of Table 39 as long as we had breath in our bodies, we headed to the Top Hat Lounge at 10pm where we'd arranged to meet Big Sis and S for some karaoke.

Naturally they were late. But hey, you can't move so fast when you bring all your dining companions with you. Frankly I was surprised they didn't bring the table too. Then again they didn't need to - they were all quite happy to join Lisa and I on ours.

Actually I'm exaggerating - Sis didn't bring the whole of Table 39 with her. One member of the team had won the Ms Biceps competition at the poolside that afternoon, and was still out celebrating with her daughter. Which was a shame, because it meant they didn't get to see The Table 39 Singers (minus Phil & Lisa) performing 'Love Shack' at full volume and with rather too much enthusiasm. You've never seen an entire room clear so fast.

Lisa and I soon escaped to the Viking Crown Lounge for a live performance by the Village People, which turned out to be five members of the crew in cheap fancy dress miming to a record, before drowning our sorrows in overpriced Diet Coke, and dancing to the BeeGees.

It was a relaxing end to the day, and things were clearly looking up. But of course at this point we hadn't yet been cornered in the Mexican jungle by this chap and three hundred of his friends...


Phil said...

Kristy When we were evacuated from Cozumel, we ended up on a plane to Houston. Nothing like a Mexican hurricane to improve the image of all those Texans. I hope it doesn't come to anything like that for you to find greater joy in your dining companions. But if it does, I'm sure you'll at least get a good story out of it!

15 February 2006, 06:14:25DaveDaveView detailsVisit me
Glad you're enjoying yourself.15 February 2006, 07:46:32

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