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Monday, February 20, 2006

You know you're over your jetlag when you stop writing blog posts in the middle of the night. Needless to say I'm not over my jetlag yet. But while I'm up, here's a photo of the Drugs & Deli on Cozumel, for anyone who thought I was making it up. I wish I was there now actually - there's a sign on the right hand wall which says 'Diet Pills'.

In other holiday-related news, I was watching the Winter Olympics on TV this afternoon, and happened to see a bit of the men's ice hockey match between Sweden and the USA. And who should go and score for the USA while I was watching? Why, none other than Mike Modano of the Dallas Stars, who also scored in the game we went to last week. I just can't get away from the man. But I paid my own personal tribute to his goal by singing The Star Spangled Banner, and shouting "Stars!" at the TV.

I also caught some of the two-man bobsleigh coverage, and noticed from the caption at the bottom of the screen that the pilot of the Latvian bobsleigh is called Gatis Guts. Which is possibly the finest name I've ever heard. I expect someone said you need guts to go down the Cresta Run at 80mph, so he thought he'd apply.

And talking of dodgy names, I've had an e-mail from someone called Casen. I presume his surname's Point. Anyway, Casen e-mailed me via the Phil-Mail-o-Matic whilst I was in America to say this:

"The real reason i chose to write you is that there is this amazingly talented 15 year old that has a band with the name of DearWhoever...this boy has an amazing voice and is awesome at the guittar..his band has many songs and he is really great.Thanks"

Casen's use of the word 'awesome', and inability to spell guitar, leads me to believe that he may be American. I'm still not entirely sure why he wrote to tell me that though. But I looked up Dear Whoever on the internet, and found that not only do they exist, but they have a website, and an album out. I can't say any of them look 15, but on his bio page, guitarist Jason Garner (who's 20) lists the Bible amongst his favourite books, names God as the person he'd most like to meet, and Jesus as his hero. I just wish he'd been on the flight back from Dallas - he might have swapped seats with me.