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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bear Behind
Can I just say how annoying it is when your inspired 11-1 pick is leading the field of 20 by a country mile over the last two hurdles and all the way up the run in, only to be caught right on the line by the second favourite and beaten by a neck. Well it's very annoying, that's how annoying it is. But still, two second places means that if you'd put £10 each way on all four of my selections, you'd have ended up with... um... well let's just say you wouldn't be feeding the kids this week.

But I'm not easily put off...

2:00 Zaiyad at 11-2

2:35 The Listener at 8-1 (though I backed him for this to the tune of £2 - yes, a whole £2 - at odds of 13-1 a month ago)

3:15 Fota Island at 9-2

4:00 Phar Bleu at 12-1

Phar Bleu has had a wind operation and therefore can't lose. No really, I mean it this time.

Anyhoo, when I'm not backing losers, I'm busy returning home, and as of midnight last night, I'm back in Shotley Gate. Lisa celebrated our departure from Lorraine's by attacking the kitchen worktops with toilet cleaner, which might sound like an odd decision, but after finding a pool of cat wee there last Wednesday night, it actually makes perfect sense.

I'm also suspicious that someone's given my photo to the Brighton branch of McDonalds and told them not to serve me, as having stopped there en route to Lisa's last night and asked for a McFlurry, I was told in no uncertain terms that the McFlurry machine was out of order, and sent on my way. At which point I pulled up to the next window and watched staff merrily serving ice cream to anyone who wanted it. I feel like an alcoholic who's been banned from the pub.