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Friday, March 17, 2006

Yes, I know you'd expect me to have given up by now and reported for duty at the poorhouse, but having watched my fourth unlucky second of the week yesterday, I'm determined to go one better, so it's do or die (and five horses did yesterday) for the last day of the festival. And in an effort to change my luck, I'm putting up the jockeys' colours this time around to help everyone spot my runners. Although if you keep an eye on the rear of the field, that should work as well...

Afsoun2:00 Afsoun at 5-1

Black Jack Ketchum2:35 Black Jack Ketchum at 5-4

L'Ami3:15 L'Ami at 11-1

Foly Pleasant4:00 Foly Pleasant at 12-1

I really think I'll get four winners today. No really, I do. And if not, then I'm putting the farm on my namesake, Studmaster, in the Getting Out Stakes at 5:20. His colours look like this...

Studmaster... and according to the official description, that dodgy looking yellow thing on the front is called a 'Cross of Lorraine'. As it happens I was quite cross with Lorraine when I arrived at her house last week and had to clear up cat sick all evening, so if that's not an omen, I don't know what is.