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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I was a bit annoyed with the timing of my last blog post. Obviously I was having a good day, and had a lot of joy to share, but if I'd just waited another half hour I could have mentioned the visit from the debt collector. He was a friendly chap, whose bosses clearly didn't want to bother him with trivial details like the correct flat number, as a result of which he was a little unclear as to which door he should be breaking down. I just happened to be the only one who answered (you can tell I'm new here). But we had a nice chat, and he left me with a letter informing me of their intention to get a court order "to enter the premises and disconnect the electricity supply, if need be by force, whether you are there or not". Which would be a bit of a shame when I've just got broadband.

Talking of which, my broadband does work. Unfortunately my phone now doesn't. But the good news is I've contacted customer services, explained to them that I can't receive incoming calls, and was promptly told they'd ring me back to discuss the problem. That inspired a lot of confidence.

But not as much as the fine people at AA Insurance, who were informed yesterday of my change of address. They were naturally disappointed to hear that I'd left Shotley Gate, took one look at my new Brighton postcode, and immediately raised my car insurance by £300. Which kinda pisses on BT's £13 cancellation fee. They need to try harder next time. So anyway, I now can't afford to run a car and eat. Which is good news for my diet.

Illinois Virtual High SchoolAnd talking of good news, having checked my website stats for the first time in a dog's age this morning, I've discovered that my Micro Fiction has been getting hits from the Illinois Virtual High School, more specifically from a section of course number 2355130 (probably a module on common mistakes in English). Unfortunately, not being a registered student (I'd only fail the entrance exam), it won't let me access the page in question, but I have read their inspiring mission statement:

"The mission of the Illinois Virtual High School is to use new and emerging technologies that expand the boundaries of space and time to provide Illinois students and their teachers with increased equity and access to the highest quality educational opportunities".

Which is clearly why they're linking to me. I expect Ms Cutrell's moved to Chicago.