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Thursday, July 27, 2006

With the real taste of hedgehogs.Mmm... hedgehog cake. It's always good to be offered hedgehog cake on day two of your strict carbohydrate-controlled diet. Although on the bright side, by the time I was offered a slice on Tuesday evening, Lisa's 8-month-old Nephew Number Three had already stuck his hand into its side and attempted to carry out major veterinary surgery on its kidneys, so that helped me resist a bit. That and the fact that the birthday boy's reaction to sampling a hedgehoggy foot, was to spit it straight out into his mother's hand. Frankly I don't think I was missing much.

But that aside, the birthday party of Nephew Number Two went very well. He seemed particularly pleased with the jigsaw puzzle Lisa and I had bought him, which was good news as we had no idea what it was until he opened it. He also picked up well on my overwhelming generosity, by assuming that all the presents his parents had given him were from me as well. I didn't bother to correct him. It's about time I met someone with a high opinion of me.

Anyhoo, a quick game of Sally Sunflower, in which we randomly chucked bees across the room without reading the rules, and a manic dance to 'Monster' by The Automatic, and Lisa and I headed off to McDonalds for a Rolo milkshake. Which I nobly refused to share on account of the fact that I had cauliflower waiting for me when I got home. Roll on Sunday.