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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Puppie LoveI was down at the beach today, doing my best to feel springlike whilst being dive-bombed by seagulls and ridden into by cyclists, when I noticed that the crazy golf course near the pier have decided to live up to their name (the crazy bit, not the golf bit) by suddenly erecting a giant Slush Puppie on the roof of their clubhouse. Having taken the photo on the left (which also features a man in the background shaking his fist at a young girl as he chases her into the sea - just another everyday occurrence in Brighton), I looked at the sad, grubby, over-inflated plastic character swaying back and forth in the wind, and somehow it reminded me of something...

Slush PuppieSlush Fund

One's a comedy dog with drooping jowls and a jutting chin who's rarely seen without a drink in his hand... and the other's a Slush Puppie. The question is, which would I rather have representing me on the council?