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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mobile Quilling EnthusiastIt's Valentine's Day! I know that because with much excitement I've received a card from a secret admirer, declaring her love for me and signing herself enigmatically with a question mark. Unfortunately it was handed to me in bed at 6:45am by Lisa, which takes away some of the mystery. I'm not saying she'd only just written it, but the gum was still wet on the envelope. Obviously I didn't notice her doing it because 6:45am is THE MIDDLE OF THE BLOODY NIGHT and I was still asleep. But needless to say I'm grateful.

It was a very nice card anyway. Nowhere near as big as the one I gave her, but who's measuring. I also drew a picture in mine, but like I say, these things are irrelevant. She did pay more for her card though. I was tempted to get mine from the local Pound Shop, but in the end I decided that would be wrong, and wouldn't send out the right romantic message. And besides, I found one for 98p in Asda.

So all in all, it was a romantic morning (if you can call 6:45 the morning). Which is all the more surprising as we played 'You Say We Pay' again last night (the live TV version with the sound down - that's how sad we are). I'm sure it's already pushing Richard & Judy towards divorce, and they don't have to contend with Lisa's animal descriptions. Hot on the heels of her display of encyclopaedic goat knowledge, she gave me this considered clue last night:

"It curls up on the road."

Naturally I thought of a mobile quilling enthusiast, or possibly me in the back of a car, but no, the answer turned out to be hedgehog. If she'd replaced "curls up" with "gets splatted", she'd have been halfway there.