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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Late breaking news from today's Argus...

Don't eagles EAT hamsters?
If you're wondering who underlined the words "eagle-eyed resident", it was Lisa's aunt and uncle, who haven't been able to stop laughing all day due to the fact that the all-seeing saviour of hamsters is none other than Lisa's mother, a woman on the waiting list for an eye operation, who once failed to recognise her own daughter in Safeway, and thinks her grandson looks like my niece. In fact she's so eagle-eyed, she failed to spot that they've spelt the name of her street wrong in the report.

I'm just sorry the Argus didn't get any direct quotes, as when she told me about her daring animal rescue on the phone last week she came out with a number of gems, including "I'm not keen on hamsters, but I wouldn't put them out with the rubbish". I get the impression she'd be more likely to flush them down the toilet.

Inexplicably, the story didn't make the front page, but fortunately Lisa's aunt was on standby to take matters into her own hands and see that justice was done by doctoring her own copy...

Heroine of the Year
Some kind of community service award is surely only a matter of time.

Anyhoo, Lisa's mother isn't the only one being featured in the local press at the moment. I rewrote yesterday's blog post this morning, removing all references to Lisa's caprine tethering obsession, and submitted it to The Kemptown Rag. The editor got back to me this afternoon, and they're publishing it in the next issue. I may not have saved any hamsters, but at least I can get the words 'sex shop' and 'smear test' into print.


Phil said...

Lisa My mother is definitely heroine of the year - we're only 6 weeks in.

But I've often thought the hamster community hold her in high regard and it's good to see I'm not wrong.

07 February 2007, 08:14:15 Phil's Mum
Congratulations, Lisa's Mum - saviour of hamsters!!10 February 2007, 18:49:05