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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brace yourself...

Girl or boy. You decide.
... it's...

... a...

... baby!

Wouldn't you just know it. Lisa's spent the past month counting down the days until we find out the sex of our baby, and... they couldn't tell. Which is not very flattering if it's a boy. According to the sonographer, our first child is keeping its legs firmly together (which is the advice Lisa used to get from her Mum), with the umbilical cord between its knees, making gender recognition impossible. Lisa did her best to pressure the woman into an educated guess, but she refused to be drawn.

But on the bright side, it's nice to see that our baby already has its head in its hands, sobbing uncontrollably at the prospect of spending its life with us. The sonographer said "Aw look, it's rubbing its eyes!", but I know despair when I see it.

I'm also slightly concerned that its arm doesn't seem to be attached to the rest of its body, but the nurse didn't seem to be worried. Possibly because she was distracted by the fact that...

... we'd both been on the same stultifyingly dull three-day NHS Trust induction course in March!!!

It's a small world. I asked her how she's getting on, she asked me how I'm getting on, and we reminisced about just how boring those three days had been. It was like a support group for survivors of abuse. And talking of support groups...

Join Our Club(foot)
There's a leaflet I didn't expect to be picking up today. Surely they should use the word 'club' instead of 'group'..?

Anyhoo, I'm pleased to report that despite having to do without the joy of sex recognition (and frankly Lisa's livid), all fifteen diagnostic tests carried out on Gardner Jnr produced normal results. I can also reveal that its thigh bone is 37mm long, it has an abdomen circumference of 168mm and a head circumference of 204mm. Apparently that puts its femur and abdomen at marginally below average, and its skull at slightly above. So it's looking like the big-headed child I've always dreamt of.

Following the scan, we had to face Lisa's family, who'd all gathered at her Mum's to await gender news. We made that a short visit. Then it was down to Prezzo at the marina for our anniversary meal, where we discussed the fact that what's really important is the health of our baby, and that knowing the sex is ultimately immaterial. After which I agreed to pay £150 (plus VAT - I've read the small print) for a 4D scan with sex determination at this place. We're booked in for July 5th. A healthy baby's one thing, but a happy Lisa is just as important.