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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've had a search engine hit from someone who posed this question via Google: "Has anyone had ice cream from ice cream van whilst pregnant?". Needless to say, the answer's yes. And what's more, she's still alive.

Talking of death-defying dairy products, I bought some of this at the weekend...

Skyr's the limit.
It's Skyr. Yes, Skyr. And it comes with a spoon. I was going to make a lot of jokes about me reaching for the Skyr, and the Skyr being the limit, but according to their website it's pronounced 'skeer'.

But anyhoo, it came to me out of a clear blue skyr. I was in Taj the Grocer, my local ethnic wholefoods shop, on Sunday, buying some organic quinoa for a Quorn pilaf (just another little insight into my life there), when I spotted it in the yoghurt aisle. Apparently it's unique to Iceland, so I bet Kerry Katona can't get enough of it.

Anyway, I've read the label, looked at the website and eaten a pot, and I still have no idea what it is. All I know is that it's made from skimmed milk and is apparently "considered a national treasure" in Reykjavik. It's also very nice. Which is just as well, because I paid £1.35 for a pot the size of a Muller Light. I think having a job has gone to my head.

Intriguingly though, having eaten it, fallen in love, and spent five minutes working out how much overtime I'll have to do to afford three pots a day, I read this piece of information on the company website:

"After licking a spoonful of skyr you can watch as the little bit left slowly curls into flakes of concentrated calcium. You would never know it's there given the gorgeous smooth taste. For an everyday treat that fits somewhere between ice-cream and yoghurt, skyr is a guilt-free pleasure loaded with riboflavin and protein!"

Never mind the riboflavin and protein, you can watch it curl up on your spoon???. Fortunately Taj is open in the evening. I'll get back to you...