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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Well I'm pleased to report that I've now branched out from the world of strawberry skyr and sampled the delights of plain skyr with a dash of maple syrup (as recommended on the Skyr recipe page). I've also spent a good ten minutes staring at my spoon like a lunatic, in anticipation of some major curling action. I felt like Uri Geller. Unfortunately, despite concentrating on cutlery until I had a slight headache, I failed to spot any kind of flaking, and the only concentrated calcium I noticed were the deposits on my fingernails.

But on the subject of flakiness, The Daily Mirror's reporting today that Kelly Brook and Billy Zane could be back together, which is obviously fantastic news, because it means my plans for Lisa and I to tour the world as professional lookalikes are back on...

Asda List
The likeness is uncanny. We just need to stop smiling.