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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I forgot to say in yesterday's post that the bald bloke standing in the back of shot (who gives Lisa a suspicious sideways glance, possibly worried that she might be about to attack Augusten Burroughs with a copy of his own book) is none other than Peter Guttridge, the Observer's crime fiction critic, and author of a series of novels about a yoga-obsessed journalist who solves crimes in his spare time. This time last year Peter was sharing a stage with Patsy Palmer. Now he's standing behind Lisa. The man's clearly going up in the world.

Mr Guttridge also has the dubious honour of being the last writer to take to the stage before Lisa and I walked out of The Brighton Moment three weeks ago. He was officially the last straw.

As for the chap he's talking to (white shirt, arms folded), that's Liam Brown, the Brighton Festival Books & Debates Programmer. I know that, because he came out at the beginning of every single bloomin' event we went to, introduced himself, and told us to turn off our mobile phones. Frankly by Sunday I was sick of the sight of him.

Moments earlier, Simon Fanshawe had walked past, but sadly I failed to get him on camera. That's life.