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Monday, May 26, 2008

It's another Oscar contender...

I particularly like the way she can't wait to get out of there. She's got America's foremost memoirist, Augusten Burroughs, trying to strike up a conversation, and she's already got her hand out ready to grab the book and leg it. He'd barely finished a sentence and she was halfway out the door.

I also have to apologise for the terrible faux pas from the wardrobe department, which resulted in Lisa wearing the same top she had on the last time she appeared on this blog. But don't worry - the way that baby's growing, it won't fit her much longer.

Anyhoo, Augusten Burroughs' appearance at the Brighton Festival turned out to be very good. What we saw of it anyway. It being a sunny Sunday afternoon, I decided to walk to the Pavilion Theatre. Lisa, on the other hand, caught the bus. So whilst I was on time, she was so late that they wouldn't let us occupy the seats we'd purchased near the front, and instead had to sneak us up the fire escape, through the back door, and into some chairs in the back row.

I must admit, my initial impressions of Augusten weren't good. In fact I took an instant dislike to him. He's one of those Americans who is so confident, so comfortable in front of an audience, and so full of himself that you can't help but hate him. As time went on though, he completely won me over. He may have insisted on reading an excerpt from his own book like it was some great work of Shakespeare, but the tales he told and the things he said were actually very interesting and highly amusing. I ended up genuinely liking the man. In fact, having listened to him say that a dull life should be no bar to writing a memoir, I wish I'd given him the address of this blog.


Phil said...

Dave I love the way the credits are longer than the film. This obviously helps to keep the cost of production, and re-takes, down.

26 May 2008, 13:33:16A music critic
Very good! And I liked the music at the end of the clip!!26 May 2008, 16:29:26 Phil's Mum
Having just had a conversation about whether or not Lisa looks pregnant yet, that was excellent timing to prove to one and all that she DOES!26 May 2008, 19:15:49 Lisa
When I saw that, my first words were "look at my stomach". Not that you can miss it.

As for meeting Augusten, I wish I'd known that's what his name was before I called him Augustus.27 May 2008, 09:31:36 A passer-by
As Augustus was a Roman Emperor, I expect Augusten was pleased that you thought he had imperial and majestic qualities!27 May 2008, 20:05:18 – Flag