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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Comet. They live electricals. Unfortunately they don't deliver them on time. Having paid an extra TWENTY-FIVE QUID (read it and weep) to guarantee delivery between 10am and 2pm today, Ian and Alan from Comet eventually turned up with my fridge freezer at 4:30pm. By that time, most of our food was as hot as my temper, but the good news is that it now has a nice new home. It's all in the bin.

But having somehow managed to cope all day with the hall furniture in the living room and no baby gate on the kitchen, Lisa successfully persuaded Comet Customer Services to agree to a refund of the delivery charge. Although I'm not sure they'll replace her fish fingers. Personally I was stuck thirty-three miles away in East Grinstead all day with a list of twenty-eight patients. Twenty-seven of whom turned up. You never get a cancellation when you need one.

I may not have been able to do much to help (although I'm sure it won't be long before the NHS launch an enquiry into the number of phone calls being made from consulting room 35 between 2pm and 4pm), but I did get to visit this place in my (very short) lunch break...

Mount Noddy. If you dare.
That's the Mount Noddy Recreation Ground. No, seriously. I think it's a gay cruising site for people with Big Ears.