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Monday, September 28, 2009

Browned OffThe thing about Gordon Brown is that he's never in the right place at the right time. Amelie and I needed to go to Aldi yesterday morning for some Oatbran Flakes (half the price of Optivita, and twice as nice. Phil Vickery swears by them. I expect), but after Gordon's outrageous treatment at the hands of Barack Obama, we decided he'd appreciate the chance to meet someone who wanted to talk to him, and headed down to the Brighton Centre instead. I planned to ask him about his medication while he posed for a photo with Amelie.

Admittedly we did meet some very nice people on the seafront. Amelie tried to grab the tail of a police horse, and I spoke to the organisers of the Geoff Hyde is Innocent campaign. Two minutes of talking to me and they pretty much accepted that he's guilty. I can be quite persuasive. We also watched the leaders of the trade union protest march getting their placards ready, and tried to work out what they were protesting about. I think it was the fact that they hadn't been invited to the conference.

But despite meeting a few members of the Socialist Workers Party who didn't have jobs (which should mean automatic expulsion if you ask me), the one person we failed to spot was Gordon. At the time I assumed he was down at the chemist picking up his latest prescription, but apparently not. We arrived home two hours later to find this report on The Argus website. It turns out he was at church. But not just any church. Gloucester Place Baptist Church. A church we walk right past on our way to Aldi (although I don't think they mention that on their website). If we'd headed straight for the oatbran as planned, we'd have got to the chapel on time and bumped into Brown with the Baptists. As it was, we didn't stroll past until 12:45pm, by which time Gordon had downed the communion wine and gone to lunch. I need to keep a closer eye on his wife's Twitter account.

Anyhoo, I may have failed to flash Gordon with my camera, but I did take this photo of the Earth & Stars pub in Windsor Street...

Seeing Stars
The writing's on the wall for their signwriter...

Board Stupid
I think he's been sniffing a lot more than pollen.