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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Having driven more than a hundred miles and seen more than fifty patients in two days, I'm as tired as... well, as tired as someone who's been to East Grinstead and Horsham. And I'm too busy chatting to Hitler in my dreams to get a good night's sleep. It's only the giant Belgian Bun I bought at lunchtime today which is keeping me going.

To make matters worse, my usual route across Horsham Park to the nearest charity shops was blocked today by Zippo's Circus, which has set up camp by the lake. It's where I took this photo, so there are more animals in that Big Top than people realise. But whilst taking a circuitous route around the circus, I came across a pen of playful performers...

There were four horses in that enclosure today. The others had probably used their circus skills to form an equine pyramid and escape. But I approve of the concept. It's like a playpen for ponies. Amelie's got something similar, but hers has seen a lot more horseplay.